They denounce “robot surgeon” for burning a patient’s intestine during the operation

News that has gone around the world in recent days […]

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The role of evidence in medical malpractice cases

When filing a claim for medical malpractice, medical documentation and […]

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Recent legal developments in the field of malpractice

Whether malicious or due to lack of knowledge, medical malpractice […]

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Venezuelan migrant denounces medical negligence while passing through Mexico

The deficiencies in the Mexican health system not only affect […]

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How to sue IMSS for medical malpractice?

Although the institution would like to deny it, most Mexicans […]

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Medical negligence due to rhinoplasty causes the death of a young woman

Rhinoplasty is an aesthetic and functional surgery that is performed […]

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How to sue for medical malpractice in Mexico

When a person is harmed by medical malpractice in Mexico, […]

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What is sick leave due to depression and what does it mean?

Currently, the importance of caring for the physical, emotional and […]

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Is there medical malpractice in a breast operation?

It is important to know the risks involved in breast […]

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