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LEX & Co. is a group of lawyers and medical experts, specialists in medical malpractice, moral damages, civil liability and patrimonial liability of the State.

Our function is to sue both doctors and hospitals, whether public or private, as well as any person who has incurred in civil liability or has produced some kind of moral damage, in order to obtain payment and compliance with the following benefits:

  1. That the doctor, hospital or in itself the responsible party, pay the victim a compensation for civil or patrimonial liability of the State, as well as compensation for the moral damage caused. The above, since he did not have a duty of care and provided the medical-hospital services without following the protocols and official Mexican standards issued by the Ministry of Health for proper medical-hospital care
  2. That the responsible party reimburse the expenses that, as a consequence of his improper actions, the victim may have incurred.
  3. That, if necessary, the responsible party pays for all medical treatment that the victim may require, as a consequence of continuous damages (that are prolonged over time).

And how do we do that?

Very simply for our clients.

At LEX & Co. we are aware that the victims of medical malpractice, or moral damages, have a suffering in their decorum, honor, reputation, physical and psychological integrity and in the consideration that people have of themselves, which produces a global deterioration of the person, as well as a generalized discomfort that must be compensated in a fair and sufficient manner, to ensure a full compensation of their legal sphere.

Thus, at LEX & Co. we analyze the specific case and plan a personalized legal-litigious strategy, together with our team of experts, made up of the best lawyers, medical experts, valuation experts in intangible assets and actuaries in Mexico.

Once this strategy has been developed, we jurisdictionally sue the aforementioned institutions, with the purpose of obtaining the greatest benefits for our clients, which we do by guaranteeing them the best service and legal process available.

As if this were not enough, the strategy we offer is free of cost and without any commitment, since we do not charge for the necessary appointments for the processing of the legal proceeding at any time.

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We guarantee the best service and existing legal process, committing ourselves in writing and with the peace of mind that we DO NOT CHARGE LEGAL FEES IF WE DO NOT WIN THE TRIAL, but simply the minimum procedural expenses to carry out your procedure.


We are backed by more than 30 years of experience suing for medical malpractice (medical negligence). More than 4,500 favorable sentences accompany us, in the same way, our experience has led us to participate in multiple judicial procedures of national relevance and intervened in the media as experts in MEDICAL NEGLIGENCE AND MORAL DAMAGE (we invite you to review our section of “LEX & Co. on radio and television”.

Also, we have been able to obtain indemnifications for medical malpractice up to 30 MILLION PESOS.

For all of the above, we are sure that we are the best option and the only law firm that offers this security, transparency and excellence in the provision of its services.

As Albert Einstein said:

“It is folly to do the same thing over and over again expecting to get different results”.

So, if you want different results, contact us and together we will solve it, because with LEX & Co. consider it solved.

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What is considered medical negligence in México?

It is considered medical malpractice when physical or psychological damage, temporary or permanent, even fatal, is caused after undergoing a medical procedure. It originates when a mistake is made by the health professional, mainly by not following the proper protocols and committing a lack of diligence.

How long does a medical negligence lawsuit last in Mexico?

The duration of the process can vary from 1 to 3 years, depending on several factors. These include evidentiary hearings and the filing of appeals or amparos.

Can I sue a hospital or a private physician for medical malpractice in Mexico?

You can sue a hospital or a private doctor individually, but it is always advisable to sue both, since one is the medical service provider (doctors) and the other is the hospital service provider (hospitals) and in most cases both are responsible for the negligence. But they can be sued separately.

If I am a foreigner, can I sue for medical negligence in Mexico?

Yes, you can. In Mexico, the law recognizes the right of any person, whether domestic or foreign, to sue for medical malpractice. However, there are certain aspects to consider. First, it is essential that the affected foreigner has solid evidence of medical malpractice. Second, the legal process may vary depending on the immigration status of the foreign plaintiff.

If my family member died due to medical negligence in Mexico, can I seek compensation?

Yes, Mexican law recognizes the right of the victim’s family members to seek compensation for damages caused by the negligence of medical professionals or health institutions.

Specialized medical malpractice legal counsel can help you build a strong case and get the expected compensation.

What evidence is needed to file a medical negligence case in Mexico?

Everything related to the doctor’s bad procedure, such as: prescriptions, laboratory studies, x-rays, photos.

If it is a public sector medical institution, a certified copy of the client’s file may be requested from INAI.

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