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Do you need a psychological expertise? or Do you need an expert evidence in psychology?

In Lex & Co we offer psychological expertise services in all existing branches, for the processing of any type of judicial or administrative process.
We have certified experts in psychology to provide expert services in any subject (criminal, civil, labor, administrative, etc.).
We carry out expert psychological reports with professionalism and quality.
Our philosophy is the personalized treatment both with the client and with his lawyer or legal representative to achieve the best possible result.

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What are psychological experts?

One of the most important figures in the area of criminal investigation is the expertise, through the analysis or expert investigation we can obtain reliable and objective information, obtained through the application of different scientific methods and specialized techniques that can be offered as evidence in the different judicial processes.
The concept of expert, in general terms, refers to persons qualified by reason of their technical science, trade or specialized knowledge, since there are handwriting, graphological, linguistic, criminal, computer, economic, medical and psychological expert opinions, among others. In the area of medicine, there is the figure of the forensic and legal medical expert, with knowledge of psychological sciences, forensic medicine, psychiatry, criminology and legal sciences, although there are areas of specialization. Their intervention as official experts is given under the designation of a Judge of the Public Prosecutor’s Office, either of a victim or as an assistant to the representative of society.

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Our seriousness and wide experience suing hospitals, doctors and those responsible for producing moral damages, have allowed us to participate in different radio and television programs, always in defense and protection of the victims.

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