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Over the past decade, technological advances have benefited medical administration by revolutionizing the way offices, clinics, and hospitals provide care to their patients. These technologies have improved efficiency and security thanks to the use of solutions such as electronic records, artificial intelligence, Big Data or document management.


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Furthermore, the implementation of technological solutions is key to improving the quality of medical care, reducing medical errors and preventing medical malpractice. Below we will tell you how.


Key technologies for the health sector

In medicine there are many technological innovations, but today we are going to focus on Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) such as:


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Why ICT are solutions for medical negligence?

The implementation of technological solutions helps eliminate administrative inefficiencies and intelligently manage resources such as medicines, beds and ambulances. In addition, having tools to help diagnose and consult information avoids errors in prescriptions or treatments.


Challenges in the implementation of ICT in the health sector

Implementing technological solutions involves significant investment and there may be resistance from staff to adopting these solutions. However, there are many alternatives to improve administrative management, billing, scheduling appointments, scheduling reminders, optimizing patient admission, the verification process with insurers, among others that are exhausting for the administrative area and are also related to inefficiencies and poor patient care.

One more reason to adopt ICT-based medical malpractice solutions is that they provide support for both doctors and patients. By having complete patient records, you have compelling evidence to act in the event of accidents or situations in which doctors could not do anything to save the life or integrity of a patient.


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