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Pets, whether dogs, cats or even canaries, have become an important part of their owners’ lives. It is becoming more and more common to find people who consider them as another member of their family, and that is why they always look for the best care for them, especially when they get sick or suffer an accident.

The specialists in charge of looking after the health and welfare of pets are veterinarians, and just like a doctor in charge of a person’s health, they must have the necessary studies and training to provide quality care.

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However, inexperience, lack of practice, recklessness or lack of ethics of a veterinarian can have severe repercussions on the health of the pet and even cause death.

However, due to the current laws in Mexico, a veterinary malpractice case does not proceed in the same manner as a medical malpractice case with a person. Under Mexican law, animals are property, i.e., objects of your property.

So in order to proceed with a claim against any damage to your pet you would have to file a claim for damages to your property, to do so it is important to have certain information to support your testimony.

Facts for filing a veterinary malpractice report

Before filing a report, it is advisable to have the following information:

Full name and professional license number of the veterinarian, this information can be found in the medical prescription.


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Where to report veterinary negligence?

To file a report, go to the Public Prosecutor’s Office and file a claim for damage to your property. Take with you all the documents and preferably a log with the details and dates of what happened. If you performed the necropsy and you have not received the results yet, mention in the complaint when you will receive them.

You can also go to Profeco and file a complaint for non-compliance in the provision of the service, you should also bring all the evidence and data you can gather.

If you prefer, you can also go to the federal or state veterinarian associations so that the doctor is investigated by the corresponding committee.

As mentioned, the complaint for veterinary negligence does not proceed in the same way as the complaint for medical malpractice, so the retribution would contemplate the value of the pet in the market.

In Lex & Co Law Firm we are specialists in negligence cases, if you are living a situation of this kind either of a family member or even a pet, we can advise you and help you to solve your case. Contact us and tell us about your situation.


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