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4 years ago at the Pemex Regional Hospital in Villahermosa, Tabasco, serious medical negligence was committed that cost the lives of at least 8 people.
Time has passed and the families of those affected have not received justice, join us to learn more about this event.


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How did the events occur?

The cause of death of the workers was due to the administration of contaminated sodium heparin. This medication is an anticoagulant that is used mainly as a preventative of conditions related to arterial diseases.

After the first deaths, the arrest of José Rocha was achieved, who was identified as the supplier of this batch of medication to the hospital. However, he was released, since the judge indicated “not having sufficient evidence to be declared guilty.”


Pemex does not recognize all the deceased

In addition to the flagrant medical negligence committed, the official part of Petróleos Mexicanos only recognized that 8 people lost their lives as a result of this medical omission, leaving aside 9 more alleged victims who, according to family members, died some time later due to the consequences of said medication.

“Pemex only recognizes 8 dead, but there were more because they later died from the same thing or were left with after-effects; the death certificates stated death due to other causes,” declared Nahum Domínguez, son of one of the victims.


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Four years of impunity

Four years after this terrible event, the authorities seem to have forgotten the case, since the last contact with the families was two years ago, where they were informed that they were continuing with the investigation.

The issue has reached the top, since, in 2020, relatives of those who died today managed to reach out to President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, who promised to investigate what happened, but nothing has been achieved.

“For me clearly that was a homicide, there are people behind them, I don’t know what they are covering up, the president said he was going to investigate, but he has turned a blind eye to what has happened (…) it has been four years and each “Sometimes one loses hope of achieving justice,” said Nahum Domínguez in a radio interview.

The case remains open, the victims’ relatives are seeking compensation for the recklessness that cost the lives of 17 people, in addition to fighting for Pemex to recognize the correct number of deaths.


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