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Currently, the importance of caring for the physical, emotional and mental health of a company’s collaborators has been demonstrated to achieve an ideal development of its activities. In this article we will explain the most relevant aspects of sick leave due to depression.


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 What is depression leave?

It is a sick leave that workers sometimes suffer and temporarily incapacitates them psychologically, thus causing them to be unable to carry out their work activities and unable to assume responsibilities in the best way.

There are different factors that influence people to fall into a state of depression and not achieve adequate work performance. These are the most common problems that accredit the medical diagnosis for a leave due to depression in Mexico:


Types of work depression

There are two types of disorders related to work depression:

Common contingencies

They are caused by situations outside of work, for example, the death of a loved one or a financial crisis. This process is accredited by the family doctor and is processed as a common sick leave.

Professional contingencies

It is related to work situations, for example, workplace harassment, problems with colleagues or stress. The mutual insurance company is responsible for managing work incapacity and medical leave.


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Under what terms is leave due to depression provided?

It is possible to request leave due to depression due to any of the aforementioned problems, but it is important to cover two essential requirements:


What is the duration of sick leave due to depression?

This sick leave can last up to 12 months, but if the family doctor or mutual insurance doctor determines that an extension of this period is necessary, it can be extended for a further 6 months.


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