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The deficiencies in the Mexican health system not only affect citizens, but also foreigners who use its services. Today we will tell you the story of Eduardo Mejía, a 39-year-old Venezuelan whose life was at risk due to medical negligence.


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Medical malpractice thwarts the “American dream”

During his journey through Huehuetoca, State of Mexico on his way to the United States, Eduardo Mejía suffered a severe blow on October 28 when he collided with a Haitian, damaging the funicles of a testicle, which caused a hernia.

That same day, Mejía requested medical attention at a nearby hospital where she was told that the hernia was strangulated and she had to undergo surgery. The next day, he was operated on by 26 doctors, not knowing that they were students.

Mejía returned to the migrant’s house, but his health was worsening as the affected testicle did not stop growing. After a new medical examination, he was told that the hernia was strangulated again, so he had to undergo emergency surgery to save his life.


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In this second intervention, Mejía went to Human Rights personnel who conducted an investigation into the first surgery, where they concluded that negligence was committed because the scar of more than 20 cm in length (from the navel to the pubis) was unnecessary, since that the opening to treat a hernia is just over 10 cm.

In addition, they did not place a mesh for healing and, most seriously, they moved some of his organs and left them out of place, which put him at serious risk of death.

In an interview with an online newspaper, Mejía pointed out that people told him that the worst thing about a trip as a migrant is going through the jungle, but for him, the Mexican health system was as unsafe as the jungle.

Currently, Mejía lives with the consequences of the first surgery, in which he was the victim of obvious medical negligence.


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