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Rhinoplasty is an aesthetic and functional surgery that is performed very frequently in order to modify the size and shape of the nose. It is seen as a minor surgery, since it is outpatient and is usually performed in offices and clinics at affordable prices.


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With this idea in mind, 28-year-old Karla Anaya went to a clinic in Polanco on September 29 for a rhinoplasty, and days later she lost her life as a result of meningitis. Below, we tell you the facts.


How the events were

Jessica Anaya, Karla’s sister, has spread information about the young woman’s case through social networks and interviews with her. Karla entered nose surgery on September 29 at a clinic in Polanco with a doctor whom she had recommended. The intervention was carried out on an outpatient basis and she returned home apparently in a normal state, although with swelling in her face.

  Days later, Karla began to present neurological disorders, such as headaches, dysarthria (speaking slowly), lethargy, and inconsistencies in her communication. When she contacted the doctor who operated on her, she only prescribed anti-inflammatories and rest. However, when taken to another clinic on October 3, she was diagnosed with meningitis and was referred to the emergency room at a hospital in Benito Juárez.


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At the hospital, Karla was intubated and a coma was induced to treat her. She underwent studies such as a lumbar puncture to analyze whether the cause of the meningitis was a bacteria, a fungus or a virus. Additionally, she underwent a craniotomy to release pressure on the brain and take a biopsy.

However, doctors reported that no medication was working on Karla and that she was getting worse, until she died of brain death.


Is her case medical negligence?

The Mexico City Prosecutor’s Office carried out investigations into Karla’s case. Ten days after the young woman’s death, the family members were informed that there was a bacteria, although this is not found in writing.

Unfortunately, the investigations did not reveal if the young woman was affected by bacteria from the clinic where she had nose surgery, or if the action protocol failed in the second hospital.

For this reason, Karla’s sister has spread the word about the case and asks for justice so that the culprit of possible medical negligence is discovered.


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