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Mental health is an extremely important aspect for the good performance of human beings. Unfortunately, for many years, and for various reasons, mental health has been highly underestimated. This has resulted in a large number of cases of malpractice in the field of clinical psychology.

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Therefore, knowledge on the subject is essential to avoid being a victim of this type of situation and to know how to report it correctly in case of suffering it.

Definition of malpractice in psychology

Within the field of clinical psychology or psychotherapy, malpractice occurs when a professional adopts attitudes or commits acts that go against the codes of conduct or ethics, regulations and laws that must be followed for the correct performance of clinical work. It also occurs when the technical and scientific knowledge related to the performance of their profession is incorrectly applied.

Any example of malpractice, whether intentional or not, will undoubtedly be detrimental to the patient and his or her proper development and improvement. In addition, other colleagues in the same field, or even the hospital center or institution in question, could be affected in their reputation.

Some examples of malpractice

Among the anomalies that may represent an example of malpractice in psychology, it is possible to list the following:

How and where to file a complaint?

To file malpractice complaints against psychologists in Mexico, you should request support via e-mail to the office of the National Commission of Ethics in Psychology (Conaep), a body under the Mexican Society of Psychology (SMP), which analyzes the case in two stages, through advisors and counselors specialized in psychology and law.

If the case proceeds, the analysis will continue until Conaep is in a position to issue a final opinion determining whether or not malpractice exists. At all times, the agency will inform the person concerned about the stage of the process in which their application is at, and whether or not it proceeds. Although Conaep has no legal powers, its final opinion has legal and evidentiary validity.

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